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Restaurant quality tableware individually formed and hand finished by artisan potters in our New Zealand studio.

Our Story

The Alchemist’s Table was created specifically to service New Zealand’s best restaurants. Our handcrafted, locally made tableware is made to hospitality industry standards.

The Alchemist's Table is a celebration of the magic of colour, form and natural organic beauty. We've taken  the natural, raw simplicity of clay dug out of the ground and turned it into something magical yet classic. The rustic authenticity of handcrafted shapes is combined with the unexpected magic of glaze. A unique canvas that chefs around the world can use to present their culinary art.

We believe that the definition of Alchemy, a seemingly magical process of creation and transformation, is a remarkably accurate description for what we do. We’ve associated our pursuit of magical outcomes with the traditional alchemists.

Our products are individually hand modelled by artisan potters in New Zealand before being reproduced with simple machinery to ensure strength and consistency. All our pottery is made and finished in our Palmerston North studio.

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