About us

Our beautiful pieces are individually hand modelled by artisan potters in our New Zealand studio. These pieces are reproduced with simple machines, all lovingly restored from yesteryear. Each piece will pass through many pairs of skilled hands as it morphs into the final crafted product. Our pottery is made from a carefully formulated clay body. Both our body and glaze finishes have been specifically created by a team of ceramics experts. Together these mature when fired to 1200’C creating a durable chip-resistant product to withstand the demands of the hospitality industry. We have four Collections:  Elemental, Khemia , Lipped and our newest, Earth and each piece within these can be finished in a number of different glaze effects creating bespoke made to order pottery.

Our range of contemporary, warm, earthy glazes will compliment your culinary creations as well as your restaurant ambiance and feel.
Hi, we’re Sarah and Lucy! We are sisters who were born into the pottery world. Dad has always been in the industry so growing up we spent countless afternoons and weekends in the studio ‘helping’, and our family holidays generally involved road trips to visit potters and galleries all over the country. Our kitchen cupboards at home have been full to bursting since the 90s with our own hand-painted mis-matched creations in which we took great pride.

While we have long since left home, and been off on our own adventures, we’ve clearly still got clay in our blood and so we’ve been back involved in the family business for the past few years creating and building new projects together.  We bring experience from each of our respective careers to the table, along with some expert collaborators in the pottery and hospitality worlds to ensure our product is high quality and on trend with home- and hospitality-ware alike. We are proud of the collections that we have launched and have been supported by the hospitality industry amazingly well despite challenging times.  We’re excited to be sharing our pottery with everyday users with our The Alchemist's Table at Home range as we know how much of a pleasure it is to use beautiful tableware.
Lucy and Sarah Pepworth